Sunday, January 21, 2018

Leave it to the law

Recently there seems to be a flood of people who for the best of intentions are trying to expose those who abuse, particularly those who abuse children. The internet, by that I mean mostly social media is full of such people and those who give them publicity for doing so.  Now I am not for one moment questioning their motives, which are probably for best of reasons, but really are they helping or hindering ?

I was abused and apart from some of my abusers most of those who abused me were not strangers to me, they were people I knew and trusted and who had authority over me. These people were to all extent "respectable, responsible, honest" to the world. This is the case with most who abuse and a history of most who were abused are familiar with. You only have to look at recent high profile cases to know this is true and sadly, I believe will always be true. The only time that these people are found out, the abusers, is when they are reported to the police in some way or another. Thankfully, in the times we live now, there are more ways of these ones being found out and the attitude of authorities has changed so that those who come forward with tales of being abused are believed until proven otherwise. This has resulted in many abusers being caught.

The internet has made it possible for the Police world wide to track and trace those other abusers, those who do not just do what we might call "familiar" abuse. Those who for some reason or another view evil pictures of children being abused. We only really hear about their successes when the Police have concluded their investigation and those types are taken to court. Without hesitation I give my wholehearted support to all those in the Police doing this work.

So why can't I support the work of those doing the "hunting"? Well quite simply, it leads to the lynch mob mentality. Also you have to understand that knowing these people are out there most abusers will be more careful with what they're doing. Abusers do not carry out what they are doing in public it is a hidden world and that is why they get away with it. Like any caged animal they will always find a way not to show themselves. Those who are "exposed" or flushed out, whatever you call it are just a very tiny minority and from what I have seen already known to the police. So what happens when they are exposed? How do we know that the police aren't already investigating them? How can we be certain that, that investigation isn't put in jeopardy? How do the courts view these those hunters. And perhaps what happens to those who are exposed, are they then victims of crimes, because we all know that there are some who would take the law into their own hands.

I have raised this today, even if it brings back painful memories for me. It has been hard, but then my love for Holy Mother Maat, will enable me to get through it and my wife will help me re balance.  I have done so, because of what I believe to be correct and that the only people who have the professionalism and experience and training is the POLICE NOT MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC. I also believe that those who know something about an abuse should take that evidence to the police not post it on the internet. I know many will disagree with me, but if we carry on this way then we will fall into the lawlessness and justice (if you want to use that word) will not be served and all that will happen is that abusers will fade deeper into the shadows and more people will be hurt.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

Here is the news - well the news we want you to have

We are now in 2018, when the term fake news is meant to be new, it isn't it has always been around, the Nazis were masters at it and the whole world learnt how to use it. Even they were late comers to it the bible for example is full of the news about how one god defeats their enemies and has a chose people. This in turn is a twist in what happened in Ancient Egypt, we all know that Rameses 2 didn't win the Battle of Kadesh and that it was probably a draw, but in his temples he is shown as winning it. We all know that in some countries which say are run by dictatorships or dictatorships in all but name, the news is tightly controlled and we all gasp at that and what the people believe in those countries as a result of this control. It is not the same here is, no we live in lands that have free press and access to the internet and unrestricted freedoms.

Okay let's forget the fantasy, the fact is that the governments whom we have elected control what we see on the news. The British press has long been a tool of the government and in the first and second world wars, it was their propaganda machine. The BBC may protest about that, but we all know this to be true, as we know that the rest of press were used to push what the government wanted to us to know. Okay, they might have been allowed to show some of the loses, but as we are finding out through the so called Freedom of Information Act there is much that wasn't told and even in those papers that we are allowed to see, so much is blacked out or remains top secret that it is useless. The same is true in every country in the world.

Before anyone says, but we have the "freedom of the press", well no. What we have is the freedom of the press to us what they want us to know. Every news paper tv news station, has an agenda, left, right, centre, government control is it's there. So what we get is whatever view of the world these things want to tell us.

So what about the internet and connections with "real people" in various places in the world? Well to an extent friends in different places in the world will tell you a far different story than the one you get in the news. Yet again, what they are telling you is their view as it has been fed to them by their government of whatever view they have politically.

The truth is that we all live in a "fool's paradise" where we are free to rant and rave about things and believe we have control, but the truth is, that from the moment we are born to the moment we die we are just a number on of billions of numbers.

So is there anywhere to get real news? Well there is, but only if we accept that the news we are getting is what "they" in various forms want us to have. If we rely on just once source, then we limit our horizons to that, but if we don't then we get a wider view and the real news probably lays somewhere in that. This doesn't mean that we should stop listening/reading/watching the news, far from it, it does mean that we need to educate ourselves into thinking it is reliable and truthful.

In all honesty I think the only real news available today is the "local news", but even then we have to take it with a pinch of salt particularly if it is radio or television news.

Before any journalists say, but we are giving the news, well you do a great job, mostly, but we we've all grown up to be adapt to a world/political view, it is so ingrained in us that we don't even realise it. Even this is written from my ingrained ways of thinking, as I was taught to be left wing socialist, whatever that means.

So here is the news, the news we want you to have and somewhere out there is the truth, but the truth is whatever you want to believe is the truth, if that is old truth, new truth or post truth and that is the news, well as I want to tell you it is.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Weird ? Me it's you who are to me?

Weird =strangeabnormalunusual and something I have been labeled as far back as I can remember and even now some still think and call me. I was the kid who was bullied for being "different" the one who never fitted in with the others and the one who hasn't quite with adults either. 

I'll be honest with you I hated being that way, so different to others and have at times thought it was time for me to take my life, but that has never happened and now wont do so (I hope) because I am, now in 63rd year finally learning to accept who I am.

I was the kid who saw people not as the were but as they were going to be - them with grey hair and old not young as saw them. The kid who saw and spoke to dragons and other souls and accepted it as normal. The person who could read objects by just touching them, who could read the soul of another without really trying to do. Who learnt to do astrology and the tarot cards just so that others could see something - I didn't need them. I was the kid who loved to read as it took me away from the life I had to bear, the kid who loved to read factual books and remembered facts as easily as others breathed. The kid who would rather climb trees and speak to them rather than talk to others - the kid who was never alone with so many souls to speak to that humans were secondary to me, if even that. 

I was the kid that shook and still do and this was pointed out. The kid called jerk, because of it. The kid with the glasses called four eyes. The kid who hated P.E. or games, but loved to run as there I could be alone. The kid who couldn't swim, but was great at drowning. The kid who matured before others whose voice broke and was called Lurch. 

I was the kid that loved poetry and had pictures of Marc Bolan on their wall not some kick baller.

Now I am the adult, who still has soul friends that others don't have. Still can speak with souls in the millions of years. Still can read people easily. Still feels uncomfortable around people. The adult who has learnt to act, or did act just so they would fit in. Still the adult who needs to be alone with nature or just alone to recharge. Still the adult who love non-fiction more than fiction. 

Now I am the adult who went to Kemet and saw the Holy Temples as they were and felt at home within them. I was the person who heard Holy Mother Maat's voice speaking to me and calling me her son. I am the one who finally understands that all that I am and all that I was, was meant to be, because I have a gift that so many others lack - THE GIFT TO LOVE ENDLESSLY  it is this that has allowed me these many open doors. Now I understand the poets and those who make you cry with their painting. The healers and the teachers and those seekers. We live without barriers, not through any sense we fully know, but as we want to do so and as we have to do so. 

Now I understand that we are all weird in our own way, for we are all special, but special in different ways. Each one of us has something to offer to give to others. It really is time we all accepted there is no normal and embraced our differences and embraced the differences of everyone - that is the lesson I have from maat to totally accept others,

No, I am not wired, you are to me, now if you don't mind I am going to pop off and feed this hungies dragon and make the other one sitting with me an offie  - so go and do your own things as there are unicorns waiting to dance.  

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Please can you help I'm a little confused

Please can you help I'm a little confused

Please can you help I'm a little confused
My mind has blown a fuse
I know I am here
but where is here

Please can you help I'm a little confused
Or was that yesterday
or is that today
I know where I am meant to be
but is that meant me

Please can you help I'm a little confused

I know who you are
or I think I do
but who are you
Do you know me
do I know you

Please can you help I'm a little confused
I'm a bit lost at the moment
I'll be back when I can
but if I can't please don't blame
please love me

You see 
Please can you help I'm a little confused

(c)merimaat 2017 

Today I had this very frightening experience and it was only thanks to Aly that I was able to come back this time. It frightens me, because there may be a time when I can't make it back. This time went on for just a few hours and I went into auto-pilot and Aly got me to do things on the pc which I seemed to remember how to do, but not who she was or who I was. Even now I am struggling with writing this. 

Thursday, December 21, 2017

I hate Xmas - it can fik off and not bother ever again I want real love everyday of the year.

I really hate Xmas the whole thing as it is now. It is so false and forget all the love, peace and goodwill to all men (women have always been excluded) or the birth of someone whom there is no proof ever existed. By that I don't mean Santa, because Elf knows Santa so we know he is real, but the other one.

Let's be honest this year above all others it's about the crap that the shops want to get rid of before they have their sales the day after, their previous sales have ended. They started selling their Xmas stuff even earlier this year and yes, it is getting earlier and earlier each year. Now we don't even have to go to the shops to get stuff even our food can be ordered on line, so now we can go into debt 24 hours a day and let's face it many people will go into debt.

Then there is is the endless Xmas shows, which were recorded sometime earlier in the year with presenters pretending to do good deeds and everyone pretending it is xmas and they're having fun. The endless xmas specials, which are exactly like the normal shows by with xmas added to them. Oh and let's drag out a load of old people and the poor to show how good we are and then we forget about them for the rest of the year.

Oh yes and let's force people to keep hearing the mythology surrounding it about so called birth of a saviour - well that failed didn't it. Oh yes and the so called 3 wise men who aren't even mentioned in their bible. This endless propaganda as we are led to believe that we are still a christian country, well that is far from true, we've not been that for years - the majority of us now aren't and have never been christones.

It used to be Xmas eve before we had the special theme on the bbc something that triggered the excitement of the following day when the highlight was Morecambe & Wise and the family film. Now they've used the same bloody thing as for the last few years and we're so bored with all their adverts about what they're showing we just don't care.

I hate the falsehood of presenters who act for the cameras showing them doing their good deeds with people are dragged out in front of them. The xmas specials which were filmed earlier in the year and people pretending it is xmas with the fake snow - and let's face it is more likely to be pissing down with rain than snowing. The whole thing is a great big lie with faked enjoyment and canned laughter. And if the bloody sally army or anything like that comes to my door or wants to drag me off someone I've a large walking stick to chase them off with

I hate Xmas, not only was it a time of fear for me as a child but because it is so false. It is about greed and there is no escaping that fact. It is let us not pretend it is anything other.

Yet I know there are many real people who do show love and compassion everyday of the year for others who do so, because it is in their hearts to do. Who do try to give hope to others and do tell them that and show them that life can be better. Some of these have faith many don't they do it out of love. These are the ones the cameras never know, they don't do it for publicity or anything. These are the ones that set an example to us all.

Aly and I don't celebrate xmas we do have Horus day and send cards to loved ones. We do share presents and a meal together, because it is one day that perhaps we as a family can be together. We respect those of our friend that do share their christmas and have faith as they respect ours. That is as far as it goes.

Forget all the propaganda about peace, love and good will that has long gone and perhaps it never existed, it is something we wanted to believe was there, but it never has been. It has always been about greed and commercialism and we ordinary who try to act out of (well many of us) have been swept away, for in so many families this year as with every year it will be a time of tension.

Okay so I have perhaps generalised here, but I really do hate Xmas and it really can fuck off - rather than one day of the year I really wish every day we all showed love and gave from the heart because we wanted to do so.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I love being an Old Grump - I've earned the the right to be

One of the few joys about growing older is that you can grump it's almost expected you'll be. Okay so my wife will probably say I've always been a grump, but then I was young and that was just being a moany toad. Now I can grump to my heart's delight cos I've white hair.

I also love being able to say I've not heard of someone and mean it, cos it's true and remind others that real music was far better when we were young cos it was, well up until 1979 when it all went crap.

You can say cars were better not just boxes on wheels that all look the same and the only brain they had was the driver and you could fix them yourself and they would last for years and you only paid £50 for your first car and a mini really was a mini. Oh and no one have ever built a more beautiful car like and E-type Jag cos it's true.

You can grump at the price of LPs and shout I am not paying that for it - it only cos me 12s 6d first time around and your first single was only 6d

You can grump at the so called stick insects of film stars and say now like a real woman with curve, like Marilyn Monroe, cos let's face it she is the most beautiful woman ever (apart from your mum and your wife that is)

You can grump at the language that others abuse and really don't have a clue at what they're saying and even question that it is the same language.

Oh yes there is so much to grump about that you can hardly pause for breath for doing, if you can breath in this polluted air which we all know isn't a good as it was when you were young . Oh let's be honest nothing is as good and it's true nothing is as good as when we were young and people were happier than they are today.

So yes I love being an old grump and I've earned the right to be. How? Well I am still here getting ready to enter god's waiting room when others have been called. It's not quite my time yet, but me body is failing and hair waving good bye and I've got hair sprouting from places it shouldn't and going from places I need it. Me eye sight aint that good any more, and I have to say pardon more and more or ask others to speak up or say it again - oh and I can bore you death with my list of things that are wrong with me. I've burn me youthful bridges and yes I was young once - so what is left ? Well all that is left now is grumping so I am going to enjoy and if you don't enjoy reading this then that is your fault - No you can't grump about it - it's not your turn.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Time for a complete ban on smoking in public places

I am an ex smoker, been that long enough to be a non smoker so I am speaking from both sides. When I smoked I really didn't care much what others thought, if I wanted to smoke I would. Naturally there were places where I couldn't smoke so I'D go out side and smoke. It didn't matter to me if my smoking bothered others or how it made them feel or how they felt about it.  The only thing I didn't do was smoke at home inside, then I'd stand outside whatever the weather to have my smoke.

I pretended to give up smoking many times and never did. Then one day, I just gave up, no one asked or expected me to do so, I did it because I wanted to do so. The reason? Quite simply I looked in the mirror and saw an old man looking back and I was still in my 50s and knew in that moment if I didn't then I would not reach my late 60s.

Looking back now I realised that, because of the places I couldn't smoke it meant that I would go for longer periods of time without doing so. This meant that my body and mind was being taught to not need them as much as I did. The more freedom I had to smoke, the more I would smoke.  Sometimes I would even go for 8 or 9 hours without smoking, only make up for it later, but then my body would rebel and I'd end up coughing and feeling rotten. So without knowing it I was being educated into being a non smoker. I really think this helped me when I finally stopped, because all I did was extended the time of not smoking to forever not doing so. It wasn't easy, for the first week or so, but then I stopped thinking about and now it is hard for me to remember when I stopped smoking.

So from a non smoker point of view I hate the smell of fags, hate the dirt that is associated with them and hate the fact that more often than not I have to walk past this vile thing to get into shops etc as smokers are out side killing themselves. It hurts my lungs and throat and I really feel ill and sometimes we have to come away from shopping because we (my wife and I) feel so bad.  Being this side of things I now realise how my selfish need for a smoke was not only harming myself but harming everyone else including those with breathing problems and children.  I am ashamed of this.

My experience has taught me that if we really want to help people to give up then it is time for a complete ban on smoking in public places. The less places that people can smoke will mean the longer that they don't smoke and even if they don't give up smoking it will mean that they are doing so less and less and like myself it might even give them the push to stop completely.  Now some will say, oh we can't do that because it will mean less people will come to places. This really is untrue as more people will come knowing that they will be able to breath clean air not polluted by second hand toxic smoke. Oh and yes there is an economic value to this this the less people spend on fags the more they will have to spend on other things.

Okay this is a bit of a ramble and boring I know that, but really for the sake of all of us IT IS TIME TO STOP SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES  FOR EVER  SO NO EXCUSES LET'S DO IT

Leave it to the law

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