Thursday, February 09, 2017

Happy Re-naming day Me

So now it is done as of 7th of February 2017 Kevin ceased to be for all legal purposes and now Kev is here for always.

It has taken a long time for me to finally arrive, to finally cast off the shadow of the abused kevin, but the recent spate of stories of childhood abuse and their negative impact on me made me think it was time to try and close one door for good by removing that name from my life.

Some might say it is not much of a change, just the removing of two letters, but for me it is a massive change. By removing those two letters the i and the n, I take the past out me, the abused past. You see Kev as never been in the past, just person who has tried to deal with and who continues to try to do daily. No one really can understand this unless they've been through it, but each time, I saw that name in relation to myself it reminded me of the abuse, because that was what I was called by my abusers.

There is another reason why I kept the majority of my name the same and that is because of my Mum, she named me and I owe it to her and all she went through. I know she will understand my taking those letters out.

So after being known as Kev for all these years, the journey from kevin to Kev is completed officially. So now it really is Aly Kev (couples always seem to be joined together don't they).

 So it was happy re-naming name to me !

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