Friday, May 19, 2017

A Guide to the Archaeological Sites of the Isle of Man - My Review I LOVE IT

A Guide to the Archaeological Sites of the Isle of Man by Andrew Johnson & Allison Fox which has just been published is simply the best guide you can have in my opinion.

Okay so being an oldie just one minor thing I don't like and that is the distance measurements being Kms or whatever they are, which to me any many of my generation might as well be, well anything because I don't understand them. Should have also done it in sensible measurements like yards and miles. However the guide is so detailed that once you're more or less in the right place you'll find what you're looking for.

The guide starts off with some of the long history of the Isle of Man particularly that which is covered by the guide. Very interesting as this gives a good over-all view and wets the appetite for what is to come.

What I really about this guide is that it is has a page showing the symbols useD and includes wheelchair symbols. While I don't use one that is handy for me as I use a stick so I know from a glance that the site might need extra care in getting to it. There is extra detail on each site but these symbols are great as a quick reference.

The guide is set out in Parishes, and when you arrive on the page of the Parish there is a map showing where the sites are in that Parish as well as other information like the population of it and the main towns within.  This I found great as it means you could if you wanted set out to see all the sites in a Parish and plan your route to find them. I can see many people now like myself tick off the sites until we've covered all those mentioned.

The detailed information on each of the sites is great, just enough to tell you about and not too much to bore you as some guides do (human and books). If you are interested then the further reading section tells you all what you need to know.

You don't have to be a history buff to have this guide, as you could use it just to get out and explore the Isle of Man, by why just do that when you could visit the sites mentioned.

It is rare that I read any guides but this goes to the top of my list of them. It really is that good. So well done to Culture Vannin and to the authors on this super book, which will be great loved and used and taken out with us, along with the birds wildlife and other books we take out, we'll need a trailer or bigger car at this rate.

If you live on the Isle of Man or unfortunate to live else where, or are coming to visit us here, then this is a must have book for you and your friends and family, in fact for every one everywhere; including any visiting Aliens from outta space - As I was advised, read it when you can't get out and read it when you are heading out to visit the site or when you're there at the site to get more information on it.


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