Friday, May 12, 2017

Goodbye Boogie thanks for love - Hello Kev

Yesterday 11 May 2017 I said goodbye to Boogie, that is the email address that I have had with Manxtelecom since 1997. As stupid as it might seem I shed a tear at doing so, because Boogie has been such a large part of me, in that he was my security, and he was the innocent part of me. Boogie was the child part of the character I created Boogiestarman. While the man part of this was a cold lonely resentful, even hating part of me, Boogie was the child was just loved and wanted to be loved. The Star was Marc Bolan, he whom I loved and who showed me never to give up, because eventually you will be loved and you can achieve all that you want if you work hard to get there.

As I reasoned this for myself, I saw that I was holding on to the past, the child who loved and wanted to be loved was now here having both of those things. The star is now in the millions of years but his light shines reminding us all not to grow too old to rock'n'roll and our lives should be lived to the full. The Man is no longer resentful, for thanks to the counselling, love and understanding that they have, the real man has grown through.Perhaps more importantly, the love I have of maat and for Holy Mother Maat, enables me to forgive my past and all the wrongs in it and even forgive those who did them and myself as well.

I will always love, both Boogiestarman and Boogie, for they helped me to survive, perhaps in many ways they were both the caterpillar and chrysalis, that enabled Kev to come through. So no, this is not a re-invention of myself or my turning my back on my past and those who I loved then and still do now, it is just me being free to from the weight of it and able to fly with out fear.

So thank you dear Boogie, you opened the world to me and now it's open I am going to enjoy it.

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