Friday, June 02, 2017

maat is not revenge it is love and not wanting harm to others and love not have must win

It is hard when people do terrible things, like as happened in Manchester not to want revenge or to make those who do these things to "pay for them".  For them to "rot in hell" etc., this many would could claim is  a natural reaction. In the moments after these events is it a "natural reaction " or is it just an emotional out burst of frustration?

Those who know anything about me know I was abused as a child, I am lucky some would say to be alive, this may or may not be true, the only facts are that it happened an I am here now to write and talk about it. My personal experience of abuse meant that for many years I hated all of the christones faith and all homosexuals, because after all those were the types who did it to me. Yet I have also been shown love without harm by many christones, and many homosexuals either known or unknown which would make me hating them all illogical.

Now we are in a period where Daesh are using Islam as an excuse, to commit horrendous crimes  against others including children. Yet my experience of Muslims has been very positive and I have many Muslim friends and they are the first to state that the actions of Daesh are not Islamic.

Daesh are not the first group from a religion to kill children we only have to look at the IRA in the 1970s and remember their crimes. Yet the majority of that faith group were and are loving people.

If we really look at things then we see that every faith or people claiming to be of that faith have done terrible things against children. There is no group without blood on their hands.

It is a sad fact that we are all capable of doing terrible things of crossing that line. We may say we wouldn't, but none of can be 100% sure we wouldn't. I know in the darkness of my own mind  when my pains were great I wished I could do many things and I know from speaking to others they have felt the same. Yet we do not and would never, because there is a bigger part of us that knows it is wrong and we act with love.

For me maat is the thing that keeps me on the side of love. It is my centre, it the thing that guides my every action and word. Yes I will speak out against the horror of the crime and that is only correct, but I can not every want another soul to die, or rot in hell. That would make me like the one who committed that crime. Yes I want justice for those who are hurt or killed, but that is not mine to give. No I do not want those who do such things here killed, for that would make me like them, a killer and taking a life is not love. My first thoughts and tears are always for the victims and their loved ones left here and I have none but a flickering thought for their murder (ers)

If we seek vengeance against those who do these horrific acts then we become like them and the only winner is Isfet with it's destructive hate. No one can tell me about the horrors of abuse I know them only too well, but I am merimaat, loving maat and that means I have to show love even towards those who did these things. I know in my heart they will face a justice as I will and be held into account for all of my actions.

If we look at the real results of these horrific crimes, we see it brings people together, we fight against the hate and the evil, it does not divide us, it unites us and it always must do so. History teaches that for every act of horror there are a billion acts of kindness and love. We must remember these things.

My own life has taken me from the darkness of Isfet towards maat, with maat I have become at peace and have only love in my soul. I just hope that all make this journey and that love continues to win.

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