Thursday, July 20, 2017

TheMurderofSarahPayne after the headlines have faded the reality

Our world's, our lives were never the same again after
I have just copied and pasted this so I hope Sara will forgive me, but that sums up how she and her family feels. 

It is 17 years since this happened and at the time were all horrified by it and when here murderer Roy Whiting  was found guilty and sentenced to, originally 50 then reduced to 40 years, most of us, it we are honest let it fade into our memories.  Yet for Sara and her family, it could not just fade, for there is always a hole in their family. Last night in what was a brutally honest documentary aired on Channel 5 all of us were shown that.We saw the devastation it has had on the whole family how sadly a happy ordinary family was torn, a marriage ended. We saw how members of the family, particularly her brothers who were the last people to see her alive apart from her killer, were torn apart by what ifs.

I must admit I found it very hard watching, particularly seen the pictures of Roy Whiting who sent a shudder down my spine and anyone who has been abused will relate to that, we have seen that type in our own abusers. The frustrations of the Police knowing that he was guilty and yet being unable to prove it until they had the conclusive proof. When the officer in charge of investigating Sarah's murder said he had tried to get the details of what happened to Sarah from her murderer and had not been able to do so, I questioned what good would that do. To know how she suffered and what she went through might do more harm than good and sometimes it is better just to know a little as the details , well would be too heart breaking.

The picture we got was of a little star that shone brightly and made people feel better and I hope and know from what we saw last night that this is the abiding memory that Sarah's family have of her. I hope one day her brothers will find the peace in their souls as I am sure Sarah would not want their tears to continue to flow.

As for Sara, well she is one of my heroes, for so many reasons as this showed. Sarah's Law is needed and needs to be updated to take into account of the social media age. We don't know how many lives it has saved and how many children haven't been abused because of it - I am sure there are some and if just a handful have then it has worked.  No doubt the stress that Sara went through was a cause of her stroke, but as we all saw she has courage and determination that if I was a mountain and she said come, to me  I come because as sure hell you'd have to do so.

After the headlines have faded and yesterday's newspapers are today's chip papers there remains those to whom they will never fade. There world will never be the same again. Perhaps our own world in some small way isn't either, for perhaps we see the world differently a less happy more frightening place. Perhaps we all need to stop thinking in terms of headlines and think more about the people in those headlines and perhaps we should all spend a moment of each day to think of all victims every where.

On a personal note; Sara thank you for our twitter link and please pass on as always our love to your family.

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