Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Is maat love or a religion?

I was asked if maat was love or a religion?  The answer to both is no, maat is not love nor is it a religion.  Let me explain.

A religion is a set of beliefes imposed upon others by so called supreme god or gods in the case of the christones an invisible god. This is not the case with maat, for you may have any love you wish to have, or none at all and still be maat and live with maat. One of the Holy Principles of maat is that we respect ALL gods and All holy places, so there is no strict line to say you MUST have love for the Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers, I do through choice it is not imposed upon me. I also respect the holy places of all others no matter where they be or to which god or goddess they belonged. By extension of this I have the same respect for those who have no love at all for any god, for in maat all are equally valued members of our community. 

Is maat love, no it is not. There are many types of love , many different definitions of it, many different ways of expressing it and it is not limited to just human kind. However, there are but just 42 Holy Principles of maat and these are exclusively for human kind. I am not told if there is another set of Holy Principles for the Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers, I would think there might be for without them all would fall back to Isfet or chaos.

To sum up: maat is not a religion, it is not imposed upon us and we do not have to love  any god to live by them. It is true that when we go to the millions of years we pass through the questionings about how we have lived our lives based on these Holy Principles. Please note I said based on these, not by them. If we have no knowledge of them, but have lived in harmony with them then our Ib (heart) will respond accordingly and we will move forward. If we have knowledge of them and have ignored them, then our Ib will confirm this as it will if you have done so. 

Living by the Holy Principles,  as I can testify does give you great peace and promotes greater tolerance of all others and who and what they are. It does give you greater understanding of many things and again, as I can testify teach you great respect even for those you disagree with. Most certainly they do promote humility and an ability forgive others and yourself. Perhaps the most wonderful thing of maat is that does enable you to love completely, but maat itself IS NOT LOVE. If we live by maat, we are  LIVING WITH LOVE, LOVE FOR ALL SOULS AND OUR ACTIONS WILL PROVE.

Speaking personally, Holy Mother Maat named me in Holy Kemet, her son, merimaat, upon hearing her voice I accepted her totally. I speak to Holy Mother Maat daily more than once, because that I wish to do. I have also accepted with love the rest of the Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers and have come to understand how wonderful they are and how flawed they are as well. I know longer seek perfection just a life of maat of balance - I have come to accept myself for who I am not a false shuet of who acts as expected, but the soul that I am. Others may make judgements I will not.

I would say look at these Loving Principles and try living by them, but if you can not then that is your own choice. I have made my choice and that is to live with them to the best of my ability -

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